Code of Ethics

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In order to ensure fairness and transparency in the conduct of its business activities and an ethical responsibility towards the recipients of its services, SQ Più has adopted its own Code of Ethics.

The Code, which resumes and formalises in different provisions the values and principles that govern the activities of the Company, is the lynchpin of the Organisation, Management and Control Model that SQ Più adopted in accordance with the provisions of the Legislative Decree No.231 of 8 June 2001 on the administrative liability of the Company, in order to prevent criminal offences from being committed within the company by an administrator, partners, employees, associates, contractors, subcontractors and/or suppliers of goods and services, and the subsequent application of penalties to the Company.
SQ Più shall disseminate and make available the model and the contents of the Code of Ethics, both inside and outside the Company, so that, in particular, the persons subject to this Code and, more generally, persons who maintain relations with it, may familiarise themselves with it and comply with its principles, values and ethical and behavioural standards.

The Code of Ethics of SQ Più is laid out as follows:

  • General principles – the principles that govern the business activities of the SQ Più are summarised in: – Respect for Clients; – Respect for Persons; – Respect for the Environment; – Respect for Facts; – Respect for Laws.
  • Ethical Principles – SQ Più requires from the recipients of the Code the rigorous application of ethical principles, which are grouped into two separate (but related) subsets: that of the codified principles (principle of legality) and that of the principles of common sense (ethical and behavioural principles).
  • Application of the principles and rules of behaviour – in order to ensure a rigorous application of the principles, the Code sets out the scope of application of said principles, focusing on main working relations that the Recipients may entertain within and outside the Company and in the framework of intra-group relations.
  • Compliance with the ethical code and penalties

The guiding principles of the Organisation and Management Model, of which the Code of Ethics is an integral part, are:

  • improving the Company system;
  • establishing a prevention and control system aimed at reducing the risk of criminal offences related to the Company’s business and in particular at reducing any unlawful conduct pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments;
  • informing all persons acting in the name of and on behalf of the Company in “areas of risky activities” that they may incur, in the event of violation of the provisions contained herein, criminal or administrative penalties, either against themselves or against the Company;
  • inform all those who work in the interest of the Company that the violation of the provisions contained in ORGANISATION MODEL will result in the application of appropriate penalties or the termination of contractual relations.
  • reiterate that the Company will not tolerate unlawful behaviour of any kind regardless of its purpose, insofar as such behaviour (even if the Company were in a position to benefit from it) is contrary to the ethical principles to which the Company strives to adhere.

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